Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Scary skull halloween makeup

Hey guys, so for my halloween costume this year I took inspiration from the born this way music video by lady gaga. I followed a makeup tutorial on youtube which I thought I needed to share with you as it was amazing and very easy to follow (although in some places it could of been slowed down).

To add a few details in of my own, I brought a fake piercing from Claires which was 3.50 and it fits comfortably unlike some fake piercings. 
For the hair I flipped my head upside down, backcombed it, covered it in hairspray and then gathered it into a messy pony tail right on the top of my head.
Even though halloween has been and gone, this is a good tutorial for next years halloween or even just for a random fancy dress costume!

Heres a few pictures of me that I took once I had finished...