Saturday, 28 December 2013

A few things I got for Christmas

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas this year! I did!
Here are just a few things I got this christmas that I will also review (part 1).

Gold and brown leather globe watch - I got this present from my parents and its from Urban Outfitters. I love every single watch they sell there as they are all so unique and beautiful (the watch in my previous post is also from there!).

Vanilla scented candle - Ive always wanted a big candle as I think they are so relaxing but never had enough spare money (student problems) to treat myself to one as they usually can be quite expensive. Luckily enough I got one and I love it! Its from homebase and was on sale! It describes the smell on the packaging as "warm dry accords of palm tree wood softened with creamy vanilla and smooth tonka bean". This particular smell, in my opinion, is perfect for all seasons as its refreshing yet creamy at the same time. 

A mini perfume collection - So about a month ago I had ran out of my perfume that I had been using and had to go without it for a while. Luckily this Christmas I got three new bottles so hopefully I wont be running out again any time soon! They were "Viva La Juicy" by Juicy Couture, "Deep Night" by Ghost and "Fame" by Lady Gaga. The first two that I mentioned are what I usually wear and are my all time favourite scents. Fame is one that I have never used or smelt before but I can tell you that it smells so good! Out of the three if I were to choose one I would say go for the Viva La Juicy!