Saturday, 2 November 2013

Easy birthday cake for any Big Bang theory fans!

It was my brothers birthday a week ago and I decided to make him a cake and this is the one I made on in the end. A Big Bang Theory cake! And... it was surprisingly easy! If I can do it so can you! Although I did cheat a little bit by buying the ready made cake but lets just keep that between us.

I started off with a typical victoria sponge for the actual cake. The first step was to cut out a "ball pit" in this step you don't want to cut it out too deep so just cut it about 1-2cm. Once this is done you need to cover the cake in red icing, unfortunately the red that I brought wasn't really red at all and turned out a pink colour which was unfortunate. Do not put this icing in the "ball pit" part of the cake. Once this is done you can move the cake onto a cake board which I covered with white icing. After this you can fill up the ball pit, I used chocolate covered peanuts but you can use anything that is colourful and a round ball like shape. Now came the tricky part, cutting out the letters and shapes. I can't give you any advice on this part as I found it very tricky, it's a trial and error sort of task. The characters we used were taken from a Big Bang theory birthday card so we simply cut them out and at the waist we cut in a point so they could stand up straight.
For the people who watch this series it's an awesome cake to use and we got many compliments so I advise you to try it out!