Tuesday, 5 August 2014

LOREAL Sublime Bronze self-tanning elixir review

Hey guys this post is a review on the new Loreal Paris self-tanning elixir. 
I brought this product as it looked interesting and was on offer in boots. Even though it is summer I just don't have the patience to sit outside and tan so faking it is always a must for me. Once I purchased it I decided to look up its reviews. They were all bad. Thankfully I did look up the reviews otherwise my body would be in a right state right now. In the end I only decided to try it out on my legs.

So I had a shower before applying, I shaved my legs and exfoliated. Once out of the shower and my legs had dried off completely I used a tanning mitt to apply the product to both of my legs. So far so good. It states to have no self-tan smell and it was half right. The smell isn't as pigmented as actual self tan products but there was still a hint of the fake tan smell. The product also states that it dries quickly and I would have to agree as it only took 2-3 minutes before I got dressed (although I still would advise wearing dark colours I'm not sure how white would cope with this, don't risk it!). Another bonus was that it made my skin really soft.

Day 1
So I've had the product on my legs now for a couple of hours and I can smell a hint of fake tan although it was bearable (I hate the smell of fake tan). As the tan developed and the hours went by the smell got much worse and it was starting to annoy me. 

Day 2
I woke up this morning with horrible streaks on my legs and it had gathered all around my ankles which is not a pretty sight. The smell is even worse now. The product states that you have to apply it for 3 consecutive days for a 2 week tan. After looking at my legs this morning I don't think I'll be applying the next layer anytime soon. Time for a shower to try and scrub this patchy tan off.

Product rating: 1/10

Sorry Loreal it just doesn't do what it says on the tin.