Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I'm back! 

Sorry to be away for so long but I have had millions of things to do and haven't had enough time to blog (ahhhh). Just because I wasn't actually blogging doesn't mean I wasn't still reading my favourite blogs and watching my favourite YouTube bloggers. I now have a list full of posts I can't wait to post. But first I'll update you on what I have been these past few weeks. After doing my dissertation research, catching up with my friends in Serbia and going to Exit Festival (which I highly recommend you go to at least once in your life), I got a job. It was my first retail job and I really enjoyed it. Seeing as it was only a temporary job it was over before I knew it. Then came third year of uni. It started off with a bang... a trip to New York City. It was a very busy 10 days but I loved every minute of it. Anyway we had some free time and of course I went shopping. So to cut a long story short my first post back is about the things I brought in The Big Apple.

First stop... Sephora

I really needed a new concealer as I had just given up on my old one it didn't do the things a concealer should do... So I was not impressed. After browsing around all the different stands of make-up I came across this beauty. It was the bareMinerals correcting concealer in medium 2. I would highly recommend this product as it does exactly what it says on the tin. It hides all my blemishes and dark circles and stays on for the whole day. It also doesn't dry out my skin nor does it clump up around my spots, which is what my old concealer used to do. It is very natural looking and was only $20!

I also got the Clinque rinse-off eye makeup solvent. I have a terrible habit of only really using face wipes to remove my makeup (a habit that I desperately need to break). So I invested in a make-up remover. I really like this eye makeup remover as it doesn't leave that oily residue on your skin afterwards. Its perfect for people who have oily skin. On the downside I would say is that it doesn't take ALL my mascara off. For example if I get in the shower afterwards I'll still come out with little panda eyes although not as extreme as before. This was about $18.

Next stop... The New York Public Library

If you're in New York go see the New York Public Library. It is amazing. The little gift shop inside is also full of weird and wonderful books and tourist-y things. I purchased a student planner (as I love to be organised) and a magnetic book mark to help me go straight to the week I am in. This student planner is so good, it has a calendar, a diary, a timetable to fill out your lectures, a notes page and more. If you like to write everything down as your memory isn't great like mine then invest in this! The planner was $11 and the book mark was $3.

Last stop... Urban Outfitters

Going to Urban Outfitters was a must and it was just as good as I imagined it to be. The first thing I treated myself to was this candle. It is a Ms. Betty's original bad-ass soy candle in the scent Citrus & Spicy Chili Pepper. It smells so so so good, it is probably one of the nicest smelling candles I have ever smelt. I know that some people don't like strong smelling candles but I am not one of those people and this candle does not fail in that department. Also I didn't know a candle could be so sassy? I love it.

Candle number 2. I saw this candle in the UK Urban Outfitters and was always so tempted to buy it but at £6.50 (or something similar) I thought it was too steep. Anyway I found it in the US store and it was only $4. I was not disappointed when I started burning it. The downsides to this candle are that it burns super fast and doesn't smell. It is purely for decoration purposes... but look how fancy it looks!

The last item I picked up from Urban Outfitters was this ear climber (sorry for the bad quality photo). I always wanted one but never found one that I liked enough until I stumbled across this one. This was about $12-ish.

Sorry about the long post I hope you enjoyed reading it! More posts soon!