Sunday, 25 May 2014

The day I turned into a zombie...

This post is going to be a tutorial on how to create a zombie look by using regular shop bought makeup. It is pretty easy and doesn't take long at all. The reason for this post is because my flatmate needed to take pictures of me dressed as a zombie for inspiration for her uni project. So lets get started!

The Make-up
I used a little bit of white face paint to make myself look a little bit pale (not too much as I didn't want it to look obvious) and then concealer for any areas that needed covering up! For the eyes I basically did a smokey eye but without looking in the mirror and made it extra messy (just moved the brush around in any direction on my eye socket, the messier the better). For my cheeks, instead of using my Sleek contouring palette I used dark eyeshadow so that my cheeks looked hollow and creepy! I also dragged the last of the eyeshadow left on the brushes that I used down the sides of my nose (don't know why but it seemed to work). Eyebrow routine was the same as always but I used a darker colour to bring them out.
So if you want to look even more zombie-fied than you already do, you can add some cuts and bruises. To do this, I used eyelash glue and dabbed it around the corner of my mouth and on my cheek bone. Once it is dry try to pick some off (not all) so that the texture is uneven and flaky. Then I added some random colours of eyeshadow on top of the glue (browns, blacks) so it stood out but blended at the same time. Right in the centre I added a dab of red lipstick (try to play around with the colours and amount of lipstick/shadow you use as it can vary at times).

The Hair
As you can see from the pictures I literally just back-combed my hair like crazy and covered it in hairspray. Simple but effective.

Hand Make-up
For a little extra effect, I added black eyeshadow on one of my hands. I added it to the areas that naturally have a shadow to enhance the "dead/zombie" look. 

Nails: Little Mix false nails from Boots (£6)
Jumper: Topshop (over a year old)

Credit for photos: Claire Baker (@clairebaker18 on Insta)