Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Some Of My Winter Essentials

As the weather gets even worse and the desire to go outside gets less and less I thought I would share with you a few of my winter must haves!

A glove set - These are essential in the colder months! I got these pair for Christmas and they are from Topshop. They are quite neutral colours so they go with basically all colours. They have a string attached to you can put them through your coat like everyone used to have when they were younger! Don't want to go losing your gloves now do you! Unfortunately they no longer have these on the website anymore but I have seen a few about in some stores... they might of even gone into the sales!

Maybelline baby lips - I also got this for Christmas from my flatmate and I am in love with it! Its perfect for dry lips but I feel that if you're looking for something to heal your lips I wouldn't go for this product as I feel its only useful for hydrating the lips. I have it in the colour Pink Rose and it leaves your lips looking a bit pinky-er than usual! If you're looking for something to heal and really hydrate your lips then I would go for a pot of Vaseline in the Cocoa Butter scent!

Benefit triple performing facial emulsion -  I use this every day at least once usually before I put my makeup on or when I get out of the bath! Its the best moisturiser I have had so far! It's easy to apply and is not really oily like some of the moisturisers that I've had in the past. Would totally recommend it!

A hat! - It is way too cold to go out without a hat on these days! I love this one from Peacocks as you can even wear it when your hair is up and it also doesn't give you hat hair... no one wants hat hair!