Friday, 3 January 2014

LUSH Space Girl bath bomb review!

So after Christmas was over and done with I went up to London for the day to do some shopping. I really wanted to go to a lush shop and try one of their famous bath bombs as I thought they looked so good after seeing one on +Zoellas YouTube. 
I picked up this one called Space Girl for just over 2 pounds and I loved it! The smell was so vibrant and the colour was a lovely pinky-purple. As you can see it is also covered in glitter which caused the bath water to glisten in the light! I thought that when I got out I would also be covered in glitter but I wasn't noticeably covered which I liked. I'm pretty sure that if you used this bath bomb and didn't use as much water as I did you probably would come out sparkling. I highly recommend this product! It's also a great present for someone!