Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was nominated for the 'Sisterhood of the World Bloggers' Award by the wonderful Beth True! Yay! I haven't heard of this award before but I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Beth had nominated me! Check out her answers to some other questions on her blog here!  
These awards are great for giving small and upcoming blogs publicity! Everyone loves a bit of publicity! So I'm all for them!

So with this award comes a little bit of responsibility. 
First you need to link the blog that nominated you and thank them.
Then upload the award logo.
Answer the 10 questions the blogger who nominated you wants you to answer.
Make up 10 new questions for your nominees to answer.
Nominate 10 blogs that you feel deserve this award!

Beth's questions and my answers

  • What's your favourite thing about Autumn?
    • I would have to say the weather. It means I can basically live just wearing coats. Coats are my favourite item of clothing and it is the main reason why summer isn't my favourite season. Who can be warm and cosy in a coat in summer? No one. Who can be warm and cosy in a coat in autumn? Me, and possibly you if thats your thing too.
  • What's been your favourite purchase this year?
    • This is a tough question. I love everything that I buy otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. But at this moment in time I would have to say some cough medicine as it allows me to stop coughing for at least 4 hours which in my eyes is brilliant!
  • What would your perfect date be?
    • Hmm.. tough. I don't go on dates, thats just not my thing. I may have only been on one in my life. So I couldn't answer that one I'm afraid. 
  • What song is your guilty pleasure?
    • Definitely Booty by JLo and Iggy. Its just so catchy. 
  • What advice would you give your 13 year old self?
    • Stop commenting on your friends Myspace pictures "pc4pc"... no, just stop.
  • If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
    • I would be an orca, they're so majestic and family orientated. Also, monochrome will always be on trend.
  • What's the number one thing on your bucket list?
    • To learn a new language. I am currently learning German again (took it for IGCSE) but it won't be for a while till I can speak it fluently.
  • What's your favourite food?
    • This summer I was made to try falafel and I love it. So currently falafel. If you dip it in red pepper humus too! Ahh heaven!
  • What made you start blogging?
    • For the past 3 years I have been avidly watching fashion and beauty bloggers on YouTube and then reading their blogs and taking their advice. Prior to this, since I was about 14 I was always searching the web for new beauty tips like ways to get rid of spots or homemade treatments to make your hair soft (yes I once put honey and egg on my head) and I really enjoyed experimenting with these sorts of ideas. I now have some of these which I use all the time and just feel the need to share! I also like to experiment with fashion and express myself through the clothes that I wear. It makes me feel great. People have told me that they like what I wear (sometimes I must say, everyone has those days where you got dressed in the dark) so I thought I would share that too! So with all these reasons combined I thought it would be a good idea to start blogging. 
  • What made you smile today?
    • The sun. It has been raining for that past couple of days and its no fun... especially when you have to carry a laptop around with you. It was nice just to have the sun on my face if only for a few minutes. I am currently always in the library due to deadlines and it was nice to experience some fresh and sunny weather.

My nominees


My questions

  1. If you had the choice, where in the world would you live?
  2. What is your must-have item in your wardrobe?
  3. What is your opinion on YouTube blogging/vlogging?
  4. What is your favourite high street shop?
  5. What have you achieved today?
  6. Who is the one performer you would love to see live?
  7. What do you find most difficult about blogging?
  8. Who/what did you go as for halloween?
  9. What is your all-time favourite TV series?
  10. If you were to write a song, what would it be about?