Friday, 24 October 2014

There IS one small thing you can do to help Climate Change!!

Myself and a few other students at the University of Exeter have started a social media campaign about one small thing everyone and anyone can do to slow down the process of climate change. We have decided to focus our campaign on refilling and reusing the plastic bottles you buy before recycling them. 

You have to get the most out of those plastic bottles before you dispose of them. Don't just throw them away once you have finished the Coke or Ice Tea or even water that it once held. Let them live a nice, happy and long life with you. Refill them with tap water or squash or more fizzy drinks. By doing this it saves you money and by buying less plastic bottles it means less will need to be manufactured. Manufacturing plastic bottles generates greenhouse gases which we all know is bad for our environment. Additionally, recycling these bottles after you have used them helps the planet! It reduces the amount of gas and oil used in creating plastic which is then shaped into bottles.

So what can you do?
Ideally buy a bottle that is designed for reuse, but if you fancy a Diet Coke, or an orange juice or anything other than water or squash then once you have finished your drink use that bottle again and again until it has reached its full "reusable" capacity! We have recommended that on average that is about 10 times, depending on the bottle! Then its all about recycling! You don't have to dispose of the bottle you can recycle it in other ways too! Such as adapting your bottle into a plant pot, or you could use it for storing rice or other food items, or even you can make it into a piggy bank. There are loads of different ideas. Just Google plastic bottle recycling ideas!

We can change the world and make it a better place for our future generations and it doesn't involve any drastic measures.

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What are you doing about Climate Change?