Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Cheap halloween/fancy dress costume for two!!

So for a friends birthday party myself and a friend decided that we didn't want to spend any money on anything that we were not going to wear again (such cheap students). So we got thinking and decided we could easily make a Wayne's World costume! For those of you who haven't seen any of the movies I advise you to go and see them, they are too funny!

For this costume ideally you need a blonde and a brunette (if you don't want to invest in any wigs). 

WAYNE: For this costume the brunette will need to wear denim jeans, preferably ripped, converse and a black T-shirt.. all of which you can find in your average wardrobe (As I didn't have a plain black T-shirt I just turned one inside out). To complete the look you need to buy a Wayne's world hat which you can get off of eBay for cheap. Unfortunately this was a last minute costume choice so my friend lent me a plain black one and I painted the logo onto the hat with white paint which you can also do.
GARTH: For this costume the blonde will need to back comb their hair to create a big messy look, a plaid shirt on top of a logo or band tee, along with denim jeans (ripped preferably) and converse. To complete this look they will need to grab a pair of black 'nerd' glasses (3D cinema glasses with the lenses popped out will do the job!).

Here is what our outfits looked like... 

and in the end we spent a total of 0 pence on our costume.. totally worth it!