Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2 Lush bath bomb reviews!

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves seeing in the new year, I sure did. 

For Christmas this year I got two bath bombs from Lush and as we all know they are fab but very pricey so I was glad I got two that I had never used before to try out. 

The first one was called Northern Lights and I would have to say out of all of the bath bombs I have used this one was the prettiest. It changed colours and fizzed around the bath and after it had all dissolved (after about 10 minutes) my bath water was purple. One of my favourite colours. It also smelt lush (see what I did there?)
I recommend this one to all the bath lovers out there.

Unfortunately it is not on the website anymore as it was recently in the sale, but go down to your nearest Lush shop and they might still have it there!

The next bath bomb I got for Christmas came part of a gift box set. I'm not sure of the name of this one as I was too excited to use it and threw the box away. I've tried to look it up on their website and they don't seem to sell this one individually and the set I got is no longer available online. This bath bomb made my skin feel really soft and it smelt so good. The only downside to this one is that right in the centre (when you get to that point) its full of glitter so you and your bath water become covered in sliver glitter. If thats your sort of thing then this ones a good'en. 

I also hit the Boxing Day sales and picked up a couple of Yankee candles that were reduced. These candles go hand in hand with bath time. I would recommend investing in one. My two current favourites are Toasted Marshmallow and Strawberry Buttercream. So good you can almost eat them. 

Do you have any bath bomb recommendations?