Sunday, 20 September 2015

Pictures, Posters and Prints // Room Tour

So having recently graduated university (sad times) I moved back home and redecorated my room (yay times). I thought I would do a room tour series on my blog as I'm in love with it and want to share it with everyone. I've decided to do it in sections to avoid a massive post with too many pictures! First I thought I would start with all the pictures, posters and prints I have displayed in my new room. Some I purchased in Belgrade and brought back home with me, some from Falmouth and some others I got randomly. Hope you enjoy this post.

A map of the world from Willow and Stone in Falmouth. I stuck it to a piece of cardboard and pinned all the places I have lived (yellow pins) and visited (all the other colours). I am hoping to add more pins very soon!

I found this print on google images and decided to print it off and frame it in a Wilkos frame which cost about 3 pound so overall bargain. 

If you know me well you know I love pugs so had to have this cute little canvas.

Found this in a little shop in Falmouth and thought it was pretty funny.

Whilst living in Belgrade I found a artsy little shop called Remake. I saw this print and couldn't resist.

This canvas print is also from Remake in Belgrade. When I bought this I was 16 and I felt like such a little rebel. A canvas with a swear word on? Yes please.

This is actually a postcard from an Alexander McQueen show. My friend visited me from Canada and we went to see the exhibition. She brought a pack of these postcards and treated me to one. It's now framed in my room. And yes, that is also a frame from Wilkos.

Do you have any cool prints?