Thursday, 23 January 2014


So recently I have been browsing through the Missguided website and have fallen in love with a number of different items! I'm a little low on funds right now (being a student is expensive) but once I have enough to buy a few things I'm thinking of ordering at least one of these items!

(If you didn't already know I'm a huge fan of the colour black!)

Black side bag - Perfect for day and night time wear

Black biker heeled boots - Grunge is still very 'in' right now and these shoes are perfect for it!

Plunge jumpsuit - MissGuided is famous for their plunge and daring pieces of clothing, however I feel this is too much and would not suit me at all but this jumpsuit isn't as deep as some of the other items! It looks like it would fit well and I'm so tempted to order it and try it out!

Asymmetric skirt - I have seen a few bloggers with this style skirt and I think its awesome! I'm not a fan of skirts but this one is relatively cheap and looks lovely on the model in the pictures!

Disco leggings - I have a pair of disco pants already but they broke and I'm looking for another pair... These are also leggings rather than pants so I feel they would be more comfortable.

Fur Gilet - It's black, it's furry and it looks so cosy... all the things I love!