Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cute nail design for beginners!

Hey guys, so todays post is a simple nail art tutorial for beginners.

Step 1: Paint a layer of white nail polish onto all your nails and wait to dry.
Step 2: Once dried, choose a nail to apply the design on and use a thin nail art brush or if you don't have one then a nail polish brush is fine it just might be a little bit harder and start by applying a black polish. To create this shape I imagined a heart shape cut down the middle so that I would remember to keep all the lines curved then fill it in. 
Step 3: Once this is dried you can apply the two dots which you can do by lightly dabbing the brushes onto the nail to create a circle.
Step 4: Wait until all of your nails are completely dried and then apply a top coat. 

Heres an idea of what it should look like: